Rafael Berber

London, United Kingdom.

Rafael Berber has pioneered the development of alternative investments in emerging markets, first in the markets of Eastern Europe during the 1990s with Merrill Lynch, and later in India, sub-Saharan Africa, Russia and the Middle East through RP Capital, the international investment company he founded.

Berber grew up in Israel and received his BA in Economics from Tel Aviv University. He attained an MBA with distinction from New York University. He was hired by Merrill Lynch where he worked for 17 years, gaining experience in the world of equities and emerging markets.

Rafael’s acumen and creativity led him up through the ranks of the company to Global Head of Equity Trading and then to Vice-Chairman of Global Capital Markets. He led the development of Merrill Lynch’s European emerging markets business and created Europe’s first Exchange Traded Fund platform, I-Shares. He sought new avenues for wealth creation, such as devising new equity structures and looking for innovative investment opportunities.

Rafael Berber left Merrill Lynch in 2004 to set up his own hedge fund and investment company, RP Capital Group. Together, Berber and his team have built a successful international asset management business with interests across many continents.

RP Capital’s offices are today located in Europe’s main financial hub, London.

Rafael Berber has also looked out for opportunities to help those from disadvantaged backgrounds. In 2005, he joined the Invest in Futures Committee of the Princes Trust, which was set up by Prince Charles to run motivational training courses and provide assistance to young people living in deprived areas of the UK. RP Capital also sponsors a similar organisation – Debate Mate - which runs debating clubs led by university students to help young people learn to express themselves and develop their potential.

Rafael Berber has worked in the financial sector for almost 30 years, applying his impressive business acumen to finding new and creative opportunities for development and investment.

  • Work
    • RP Capital
  • Education
    • MBA New York University
    • BA Economics Tel-Aviv University