Rafał Grabie

Kraków, Poland

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Hi, I'm Rafał, the UX Designer.

I do designs, mockups, prototypes and specifications.

I work for hurra.com doing my best to continuously improve the usage experience of our software solutions. I deliver designs meeting sophisticated expectations from users of professional tools for analysis and control over multichannel marketing campaigns.

I'm always close to users, carefuly listening to what they say, observing, examining how they interact with software. I enjoy it because I like to be with people.

I am close with developers always consulting my ideas so we can work together as a team to get the best effects. I like it because I am one of them.

Being an advocate of high fidelity prototyping and thorough testing to achieve the best possible user experiences in the fields of efficiency, reliability, ease of use and aesthetics I have created AXHOOX, a utility enabling more accurate prototyping with the use of custom Java Script in Axure RP. Try it for yourself, visit the project page.