Rafe Langston

PC Repair Technician and Content Creator in Utah, USA

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Heya, I’m Rafe (that's pronounced "Rayf") but my friends call me Ratt. I was born, adopted, raised, and still live in Utah, USA, with my wife and our two awesome kids.

To pay the bills, my "day job" is fixing computers and iPhones while, in my free time, I like to create online content.

My content ranges about as widely as my interests. On Instagram you'll find mostly travel- and outdoors-related photos from various hikes and road trips I've gone on, while TikTok is generally short-form vlogs about whatever I happen to be doing or thinking about. On YouTube, I make videos about trying to fix things (particularly computers) on my main channel while the second channel is where you can watch past gaming streams from my Twitch channel.

You'll find that I'm most active over on Twitter, though, and that's also the best place to get a hold of me.

All those links can be found by clicking the button at the top of the page. Thanks for stopping by!