Rafe Langston

PC Repair Technician and Content Creator in Utah, USA

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About Me


Apple- and CompTIA-certified iOS and PC repair technician advocating against the wasteful disposable culture, for our right to repair the things we own, and practical product designs that allow individuals to fix and keep their devices working for much longer.

My content and frequency of new content varies widely, depending on my constantly fluctuating interests, motivation, and anxiety levels. Currently I'm in a bit of a creative slump but am trying to stream semi-regularly over on my Twitch channel with games and live vlogging (link in my Linktree; click on the button at the top of this page).

Fan of Critical Role, Final Fantasy, Star Trek, and Star Wars, among other things.


Hobbies include computer repair, D&D, hiking, LEGO, and road trips.

— Upcoming Events —

Events that I plan to attend. If you find me wandering around, I may be down to chat or hang out for a bit.

⚠️ - All tentative due to COVID-19.

• No events scheduled.

• March 26/27: Holi Festival of Colors
• July 15/16/17: Anthro Weekend Utah
• October 14/15/16: Anime Banzai
• Date(s) TBA: FanX Salt Lake