Ragni Trotta

Media and Marketing Professional in London, UK

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Ragni Trotta, based in London, is an experienced marketing and media professional. She has amassed over 30 years of experience within the media and hospitality industries and is multilingual, possessing a knowledge of 8 languages.

On top of her career, Ragni is heavily involved in Books4Kids Jamaica, a nonprofit founded by her late husband. As the daughter of two Norwegian school teachers, Ragni is passionate about early childhood education. She loves having the ability to help children learn and grow.

Ragni's guidance furnishes young children aged 4-5 with a backpack containing a comprehensive 300-page Brain Quest Workbook, a reading book, crayons, and a pencil. These materials encompass a full curriculum for an entire year of kindergarten education and garner equal appreciation from children, teachers, and parents.

For Ragni, the crux of the matter revolves around establishing significant connections. She believes that a genuine community endeavor entails the collective participation of numerous individuals working for a greater purpose, with adept and innovative leaders at the core.

Books4Kids Jamaica serves as an excellent exemplar of how global tourism networks can converge their endeavors on a specific destination to drive positive change. It stands as a remarkable illustration of the concept that "small streams collectively form a mighty river," showcasing what can be achieved when many contribute modestly toward a shared objective.

To date, the organization, operating under the slogan, "The future is bright, when you can read and write!" has helped provide materials for over 100,000 children in Jamaica.

Ragni Trotta's commitment extends beyond merely distributing books. She fervently believes in the powerful impact that positive role models, especially males, can have on children. Embracing the philosophy that to see is to believe, her initiative, Books4Kids Jamaica, has forged meaningful connections with a host of distinguished individuals. These alliances include revered Jamaican leaders like The Most Honourable P.J. Patterson and The Honourable Prime Minister Andrew Holness. High-profile personalities such as World Heavyweight Champion Lennox Lewis and acclaimed Hollywood actor Anthony Anderson have also aligned with the charity. Together with various other esteemed political and celebrity figures, they've all contributed to the noble mission of inspiring young minds.

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    • London School of Economics and Political Science