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Raheem Muhammad-Active Revolutionist

Director: Pain Joy Pain Inc.
Sandy Springs, Georgia 3034

(Author/Poet) Also called: ‌‌lyricist or lyric poet.
(Peace be upon you)
As Salaamu Alaikum,

An activist is a person who campaigns for some kind of social change. When you participate in a march protesting the closing of a neighborhood library, you're an activist. Someone who's actively involved in a protest or a political or social cause can be called an activist.

A revolutionist is someone who wants to change the world — not just sitting around talking about it, but actually doing something to bring about change.

I'm Muslim, I'm Black and I'm American so I guess I have three strikes against me LOL. I'm here reaching out to those concerned about the great divides that no-one wants to address and I'm here to address them head on (Social Injustice, Islamophobia, Systematic Oppression, etc...). I am the author of the book "Oh, Say Can You See!?" (Secrets) which shows how passionate I am about what was done and what continues to be done and ignored.

Poetry is as a result of my life experiences as well as my opinions. They are my study of the scriptures by paralleling them with history and the present. Keep in mind that my love for this country is beyond measure and incomparable. However, there are principles that a person attains to and therefore must stand upon.

Raheem Muhammad
Author: "Oh, Say Can You See!?" (Secrets)
Director: Pain Joy Pain Inc.

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Active Revolutionist

"Why do they hate us?"

Willie Lynch

What is a Terrorist?

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