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I sometimes wonder, Why do I paint only nature and wildlife? I feel like something is pulling me towards the wilderness. My thoughts, views and heart are full of love for nature. I can't think something else…

Born at Vansda in 1979. It's a small town located in Dang region of Gujarat. Having surrounding beautiful evergreen forest of Vansda National Park situated in Western Ghats. May be this is the reason I still feel captivated towards Mother Nature.

I started my heepry-hoopry drawing at the age of 7-8, but at the age of 10 my dad bought me a new Animal Book. I was so happy to have it. I wanted to draw & paint Wildlife since childhood, but then I got busy in my study & eventually started my career as Software Engineer in 2002. Later, a trip to Royal Chitvan National Park in Nepal was the game changer. It revived me to live for my passion to become Wildlife Artist...

I'm a self-taught wildlife artist. My primary aim is to represent wild creatures in their full glory. I believe important aspects of Wildlife Art Paintings are expression, feel and life. I work in a realistic style using Oils, Acrylics, Watercolour and Graphite. I also love to experiment with new mediums, techniques and think beyond the perspective; to step out the comfort zone and feel the fun of new achievements.

My paintings, are all about feeling love for nature & wildlife and easy to understand the conveyed message & inner beauty of the subject. I don't like to create confusions in the mind of viewer. I love to create paintings that are straight forward with focused vision on the story telling, atmosphere of the wilderness, lively expression of the subject through effective colour scheme & compositional structure & design.

My childhood dream to draw wild creatures came alive, and today I draw and paint wildlife and nature happily. I love it so much :).

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Rahul Parekh
Nature & Wildlife Artist

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    • Self-taught Wildlife Artist
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    • Self-taught Artist
    • Software Engineering
    • Bachelor of Commerce
    • Diploma in Import & Export Management