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Best Laptops For College Students: Stylish and Low Budget

Having a great personal computer with high quality and technology is a dream for any students. There are so many students imagining a stylish and multifunction laptop, whether for entertaining, supporting activities, gaming or making a school task easily in a perfect coordination of personal computer. The problem in having a high quality laptop is price, but do not worry about it because there are alternatives for student. Some laptop manufacturers provide cheap college laptops with good quality and stylish design.

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The first thing is choosing the criteria. Most of students want it to be portable to bring to the class, but they also want an adequate performance. Choosing budget laptops for students are really complex and complicated because it must be fulfilled the needs. The lists of laptop here meet the needs which are designed with dual core processor. Those are mentioned in under $600.

Asus X452EA

A perfect laptop for working and playing, the Asus X452EA is a good choice. It is designed with 14’’ screen monitor, which is not too weight over three pounds. The design is stylish and powerful battery life around five hours. It is combined of Intel and AMD dual core processor with sonic master technology which brings you great sound and also faster data transfer with USB 3.0. You can save the data with 500GB storage capacity. The price is very affordable for this multifunction laptop, with $400 you can get everything you want for a satisfying experience with cheap price.

Acer Aspire E1- 432

Get solid power and useful features from Acer Aspire E series. It provides multimedia and connectivity tools to comfort you. Acer Aspire E1 - 432 comes with Intel Dual Core Processor 2955U - 1.4 GHz, with 2GB RAM Memory. It has a hard diskdata storage capacity of 500GB. It is equipped with 14’’ screen monitor, DVD RW and bluetooth for transferring data. A student who needs a compact design with high performance, this is the right model for you. This laptop is priced less than $600.

Lenovo S210-2961

It comes with a simple design for those who like efficiency. It is designed with Intel Celeron Dual Core processor, memory RAM 2GB and 500GB hard disk storage. The other benefit of this type is a simple design with 11.6’’ screen. It makes you easy to carry it everywhere. For the gamer, it is also supported with VGA by Intel HD Graphics.

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