Rajat Dangi

Product and Growth in Gurugram, India

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Hello, I’m Rajat. I’m a co-founder at Blinkstore. Previously co-founded Hapramp (Lead GoSocial product). My work mostly involves imagining and sketching products, working on growth, researching, ideating, and thinking 0-to-1.

I enjoy brainstorming and building new tech products. In my free time, I like to work on interesting side projects along with my designer friend and we launch products through our product agency byxyz.net.

I love being around dogs, reading books, playing guitar, gardening, cooking, and clicking pictures to lighten the usually grim existence.

Big fan of indie music and music in general. I worked on StumbleOnMusic to create a new way of discovering and recommending songs. I spam my close friends with songs I like (my playlists: YouTube & Spotify).

I occasionally write on Medium. I like writing letters. If you'd like to do that, try Letterflix to send letters online.

One of my dreams is to own a few apparel brands. That's why I am building two apparel/fashion brands: snaccx and FOMO. Working on Metaverse for Bharat in stealth mode.

I imagine a society that is liberal, progressive, oriented by science and not dogmas, more empathetic, without borders, well educated, healthy, striving towards technological progress, and full of love and hope.

You may contact me at [email protected]

Thank You :)

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    • Blinkstore.in
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    • IIIT, Vadodara