Rajeeyah Madinah

Social Media Manager, Marketing Consultant, and Business Owner in Palm Beach, FL

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Rajeeyah Madinah is a Business Marketing Coach with a professional background in digital marketing and accounting and 10+ years in the healthcare industry. She is from central New Jersey and currently resides in Palm Beach County, Florida. Rajeeyah has a passion for marketing and a goal to help as many business owners and entrepreneurs as possible. Her strategy is to optimize their online presence and increase their revenue.

She teaches classes for business owners on the topics of Social Media Marketing, SEO, Email Marketing, Ecommerce, Branding and Graphics to name a few. She also trains business teams on how to create an online marketing strategy and execute it. Her programs have been offered throughout South Florida. At the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and Museum, Fort Lauderdale Main Library, Palm Beach County Adult Education, Royal Palm Beach Library to name a few. Some of her top Platforms are Facebook, Google, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Amazon, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many more.

You can reach her at (561)201-7215. And you can take her social media marketing classes with a click on the button above. Like us on Facebook! :) :)