Rajendra Arora

Engineer at BookMyShow in Mumbai, India

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Well i can write a novel here, I'm a programmer or technology enthusiast. I usually love to explore new technology, I can speak English, punjabi, Hindi, and little bit Franchise. Visit here to get me over STACKOVERFLOW( http://stackoverflow.com/users/2802622/developer-known-as-insane ), I believe there is no age to learn, learn everything what you want to achieve. I spend mostly hours in front of computer. I need a calm, So that i could mind up in technologies or product with my best.

I'm a big passionate of making web bots, I have also made a bot for my Facebook and Twitter account, you could see me online there for 24 hours.

I have made a discussion forum for programmers, if you're a programmer lover you could signup your account here.

Visit: http://code-programmersplace.rhcloud.com/

I've made a online music web project, you could visit here to listen some cool music: http://club.hostreo.com/

I like that products which have the greatest complexity and some logic so that i could take the interest in between them.

I'm a python lover too :)

Want to see my project websites(Coded myself.) and Blogs?




http://rajendra.co.nf/ (username and password: admin)

As well, you could see my projects collection which is made in Java and other technologies too.

it's enough for now!! :D

  • Work
    • Developer at BookMyShow Mumbai
  • Education
    • Rajasthan Technical University