Dr. Rajiv Chand

Businessman and Educator in New Delhi, Delhi, India

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CMD at Catalystic Digiprenuer Enterprises Limited; CEO of Rajiv Chand International (RCI) and founder of many other companies in various sectors; currently living in New Delhi, Delhi, India.

Guest Faculty at Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Govt. of India.

National Vice-President at “The World Human Rights Protection Commission”

As an Ex-assistant internal auditor of the World Bank, ADB, IMF, IFC, United Nations (UN), and Indian agencies, I understand the genuine problems India is facing altogether related to:

(i) Mass Employment,

(ii) Skilled Workforce,

(iii) Startups/Businesses, and

(iv) Weak Economic Ecosystem.

These are indeed huge problems and impossible for Govt. to handle alone. This means every citizen especially 'The Indian Youth' should contribute "something" out of their talent(s) to the Indian economy along with Govt. ecosystem, infrastructure, and policies.

For that "something", I initiated a multidimensional project committed to:

(i) Aware our Indian Youth of the need and urgency of entrepreneurship;

(ii) Skills required for progressive growth;

(iii) Help & handholding for students, professionals, startups, and business owners;

(iv) Evolve into a better ecosystem to strengthen the Indian economy.

My interests range from education to entrepreneurship. I am also interested in innovation, technology, and martial arts.

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