Rajneesh Bhandari

Phoenix, Arizona

I am an independent multimedia journalist and filmmaker. My work has appeared in the New York Times (NYT), National Geographic (Nat Geo), Aljazeera, Aljazeera Plus, NPR, Los Angeles Times and other outlets as well. My recent assignment was about Nepal earthquake where I reported from the epicenter Gurkha and other most affected areas of Nepal for the NYT, Nat Geo, NPR and AJ+. I have also worked as the Multimedia Editor of European Journalism Center’s ThinkBrigade.org, editing the multimedia work of 35 reporters across the globe. As the data editor for the Journalists for Transparency’s J4T.org, I edited data stories. I have conducted multimedia reporting trainings for South Asian journalists with International Center for Journalists and other local journalists on topics ranging from video journalism to reporting with social media. I am interested in investigative multimedia projects and documentaries. Twitter: @RajneeshB

Email: Contact [@] rajneesh.asia