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Shri Raj T Jagasia

Shri Raj T Jagasia received his undergraduate degree in Business and Commerce from M.M.K College in Mumbai,Maharashtra. He received his law degree from K.C Law College in 1979.

While at K.C College, Raj was also a member of the Criminal Law Review Journal and enrolled with the Bar Council of India in 1979. He was Elected to the Executive Board of The Mooting Society, K.C Law School during his LLB years at KC College.With over 30 years of experience ,he has appeared in a diverse range of criminal matters in the Supreme Court, High Courts, Company Law Board, Telecom Tribunals, National Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission and State Comission of India.

He has been an Indian criminal defense attorney, representing individuals and corporations in criminal cases and investigations. He has also taught and lectured law students and attorneys in trial advocacy and have written articles concerning the practice of criminal law.

Engaged in offering legal services such as marital agreement cases, property settlement services, divorce cases, legal counseling and suggestion to the concerned parties.Also,Engaged in offering consultancy services for company laws, corporate laws, corporate company laws, statutory compliance laws, corporate restructuring laws and corporate reorganization laws.

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