Raju Johal

Born literally with a mic and dhol in his hand, Raju is a natural performer who is inevitably becoming a major driving force on the North American Bhangra music scene.

As a modern day crooner - his unique sound and slick style, compliment his classically trained voice. With a vast range, he delivers elements of R&B;, folk, classical, and electronic sound into his performances. Born and raised in Surrey, BC - Raju hails from a musically gifted family who encouraged him to develop his craft. Having shared the stage already with the likes of Gurdas Maan, Angrez Ali, Manak-e, Soni Pabla, Debi Makhsoospuri, and Lehmber Hussainpuri, Raju is able to meld an uncommon singing style and old school approach into a new school experience.

Along with music, Raju has a passion for Bhangra dancing and has toured North America, competing alongside the best of the best. After, his talented vocal abilities garnered him notice on YouTube, Raju began concentrating more on his music. In 2009, Raju formed alliances with local music producer, Nick Chowlia and began work on various lyrics from Almast Desarpuri. Since then, Raju has been refining his vocals to perfect, his first track, entitled ‘Nachna Pasand’.