Ralph de Lange

Artist, Teacher, and Writer in Amsterdam, Nederland

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Teacher in skills and coach in branding creative people all around the world by skype and online portfolios. Speciality in finding the core of the activity and the way to get the art in to the world.

Innovator in art education with new methods and programs to get closer to the meaning of making art.

Making art in several disciplines. Working on large scale paintings. autonomous photography, drawing, digital prints and installations.Combining photography, collages and painting in a research between movie, real life and the question of desire by human being. A world without the means of time but captured in time.

Started a privat art school in 2000 called MIX. The three letters stands for Mentalitiy - Identity- eXpectation. The search for your own personal style through art education.A school for entrepeneurs in art. MIX is a multidisciplined study in a.o. art/ illustration/ multi media design/ design/ photography/ film.

Working at Art schools with the MIX method in Haarlem, Zwolle and Munich - Germany.

  • Education
    • M.I.X. academy for the arts
    • A.H.K. Amsterdam art school