Ralph Delius

Certified by the American Board of Thoracic Surgery, Dr. Ralph Delius works as a cardiovascular surgeon for the Children's Hospital of Michigan. In this position, he dedicates his extensive wealth of medical experience toward advancing techniques in pediatric cardiac surgery, with special focuses on cardiopulmonary bypasses, neonatal myocardial metabolism, congenital heart disease, and a host of other vital concerns. Furthermore, Dr. Ralph Delius serves as Associate Professor of Surgery for the Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit.

Dr. Ralph Delius began laying the foundations for his career at California State University, where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree. He then gained acceptance to the University of California, Davis, to earn his Doctor of Medicine. Following this, Dr. Delius accepted an internship in general surgery with Ohio State University Hospitals before completing a residency in general surgery with University of Michigan Hospitals in Ann Arbor, Michigan. An exceptional student, Dr. Ralph Delius received a variety of awards and commendations over the course of his academic career, including the Morton Leavitt Research Award, an Achievement Award for Excellence in Pathology, and a March of Dimes Medical Student Summer Research Fellowship.

An active contributor to his field, Dr. Ralph Delius maintains affiliations with a variety of professional organizations and associations. These include the Congenital Heart Surgeons Society, the Society of Thoracic Surgeons, Wayne County Medical Society, and the American Association for Thoracic Surgery. Furthermore, Dr. Delius served the American Heart Association as a member of the Council on Cardio-Thoracic and Vascular Surgery and Council on Cardiovascular Disease in the Young.