Ralph Lucier

There's no fancy acronym for this. Simply put: get the work done quickly and effectively, and try not to ruffle too many feathers along the way. People know their business better than I do. They understand their company's culture, what drives their goals, and their competition. It's my job to extract that information, distill it, validate it, and turn it into something useful. My clients participate in this, and most of them really enjoy it. It's like a day out of school for them. Right from the start, it keeps everyone on the same page, and focused on moving forward. In this work, the smallest details make all the difference, and they ultimately determine the success of the project. When they're all figured out, everything finally comes together. As intense as the work can be sometimes, flexibility is more than an asset; it's a necessity. So we don't let a rigid set of steps get in the way, or make the process more important than the product. And we don't miss deadlines. Let's work together.