Ralph Talmont

Entrepreneur, Artist, and Public Speaker in Poland

Ralph Talmont

Entrepreneur, Artist, and Public Speaker in Poland

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Communications and creative director, startup founder, media entrepreneur, photographer, maker of books. Connector and believer in the power of creative thought.

I'm the co-founder of several online ventures, including the Digital Metal Exchange, and a founding partner in BomaPoland, a content and format company which is part of the Boma Global network. Right now our projects include a sustainability-focused programme of conferences and workshops for the creative industry, and associated publishing - video interviews, podcasts and so on.

Back in the day I created the World's first on-line book editing and production environment (in 1999, whoops...) and over a communications and technology sense making career spanning some thirty five years I've worked with companies like Nike, Air New Zealand, Siemens, Commercial Union, National Geographic Traveller, Google, HP, Volkswagen, GEO Saison, Royal Bank of Scotland, PKO BP and Time magazine.

I've produced a reasonably-sized bookshelf of books about subjects ranging from Maori mythology to winemaking, including large productions about the World's largest (and second-largest) sloops - that would be single-masted yachts to you landlubbers. I've created music and theatre events and online music collaboration projects, and designed CD packaging for some insanely creative jazzmen and women, and that's only about a half of it but we're running out of space here... (If you ask me what I really want to do, it's to travel the World and hang out with musicians, and I've been lucky to have done plenty.)

I co-founded and then led the team at TEDxWarsaw, Poland's first and largest TEDx event, for ten years.

Boma Poland.

Boma Global.

Digital Metal Exchange.

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