Ralph Wiedemeier

Software Architect and Digital Artist in Baden, Switzerland

Available for new projects - please get in touch!

I'm a software architect, digital artist and creative mind, exploring the edge between art, design and technology, currently working on fresh and novel ideas around web-based 3D interaction and immersive experiences using virtual and augmented reality.

Master's Degree in Computer Science (with distinction) from ETH Zurich in 2011, research internship at Pixar Animation Studios, software architect and team lead at Autodesk, Inc. in San Francisco, founder of Frame Factory, a Zurich-based software and design studio.

Inventor and founder of Play - a web-based 3D authoring software - acquired by multinational software corporation Autodesk.

Software architect and engineer with in-depth knowledge of current web architecture (React, Nodejs, WebAssembly, WebGPU, WebGL), 3D graphics, computer vision and deep learning. Specialized in designing and implementing real-time interactive tools and applications for web, mobile and desktop.

15+ years of experience in designing and producing computer animation and interactive graphics for shows, exhibitions, film and television. Development of fresh concepts for interactive environments, games and shows.

Award-winning interactive stage and screen designs for many artists and clients including Autodesk, Smithsonian, Credit Suisse, Siemens, Zurich, RTL, Pro7, Swiss Radio and TV.

  • Work
    • Frame Factory GmbH
  • Education
    • ETH Zurich