Ram Chhawchharia

Director in Ahmedabad, India

Ram Chhawchharia

Director in Ahmedabad, India

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Hello & Welcome to my page!

It’s a wonderful platform to share my knowledge and experiences with you and also learn from yours. So do not forget to drop me a message at the end.

‘Technocrat’ or ‘technopreneur’ are not the words I feel myself associated with; I’d in fact love people to know me as an avid sports lover with immense love for everything ‘tech’ - for that’s what fuels my passion for innovation. I vehemently look forward to make a difference around me by addressing socio-economic problems in the world thru technology.

I believe in channelizing my strong technical background & experience of more than 16 years in corporate development and emerging business - in building, aligning and leading operations successfully. But, I firmly believe that my dreams cannot get wings without the strong support from my crazy and genius team of innovators. They are the ones who have helped me nurture the idea named Hidden Brains Infotech (incepted in 2003) to its present glory.

Hidden Brains story is in unison with my life, where my prime responsibilities encompassed leading the organization’s technological journey, creating viable strategies and business initiatives with a unique perspective on technological innovation while catering to clients’ varied business needs.

I along with my team have been working strategically in implementing several processes to integrate customer service that helps resolve customer issues, besides enhancing application usability. In fact, its success has inspired me to dream BIGGER, as I make the move to transcend my passion to the next level with - MY TEAM.

My basic principle at workplace revolves around my belief that "Celebrating tiny interactions and experiences can pave the way for big transformations in everyday lives”.

I am also a startup advisor/mentor, working with multiple early to mid-phase companies and several incubators/accelerators. I aim to make the world a better place to live and work in harmony while enjoying sports and good music.

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