Ramaj Eroc

Chicago, IL

"Ramaj Eroc". No two words can describe this Hip-Hop/R&B artist no better than "hard working" as he makes his way to the top. Struggling for some kind of publicity, his will to be heard is just the beginning of his story. Born in Chicago & raised on the south suburbs, its been 11 long years since he started on his path for respect, but it seems like it just haven't came yet. 2013 was a very huge year for Ramaj...being caught rubbin' shoulders with Chance The Rapper, Childish Gambino, Wiz Khalifa, laced verses over beats produced by TDE's TaeBeast & Willie B, & collaborating with comedian Kevin Hart for the smash single "Mitches Do That"! Ramaj Eroc aka Mr. Ignorant Lyrical says 2014 "is my year". If that's true, he has the ability to shut the critics up.