Ramsey Oklah

Consultant, Business Transformer, and Technology Enthusiast

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I'm a man whose lived many lives. I find passion in exploring possibility, and fortunately possibilities are endless.

I've spent my whole life looking at things from a unique perspective, and imaging the what-ifs, so what better profession than to spend the last 15 years consulting with businesses of all sizes and types on the what-if of it all and transforming every aspect of the how and the why.

Work or play, friends or business; The question isn't what can we do, but what should we do next?

I've lived many different lives, and done many different things with my time. I don't fit into any category, I fit into all of them. I am unique, agile, and on the move.

  • Work
    • VP of Business Transformation
  • Education
    • MBA
    • Computer Science BSc