Ramy Adeeb

Ramy loves building things—almost as much as he loves breaking them. At the age of 13, he developed a database solution to manage employee records for a large organization in Egypt. But when the number of records reached the tens of thousands, the program came to a halt—thanks to hand-coded bubble sort running on an IBM XT—providing Ramy with an early lesson on the importance of scale.

At age 16, Ramy was awarded a scholarship to attend Lester Pearson United World College, an international school in Vancouver Island where students from each country live together for the sake of promoting international understanding and tolerance. Ramy installed the first Mosaic browser in the computer lab, replacing its antiquated Gopher terminals. After high school, Ramy was awarded a full scholarship to Harvard where he pursued his passion for programming focusing on compilers. During his summers, Ramy interned for Microsoft building games for the Dreamcast--back when the Dreamcast was cool.

After college, Ramy joined Tellme Networks, a voice application start-up, in 2000. There he led the enterprise engineering group and oversaw the development of more than 30 products, including the first voice-activated phone brokerage application. His favorite project was managing the first centralized ordering system for pizza delivery. The project required maintaining 99.9% service availability while integrating hundreds of pizza stores connected over DSL modems to three data centers. In 2007, Ramy was the senior manager of Tellme's enterprise engineering group, with annual product revenues over $100M, when Microsoft acquired Tellme for $800M.

Before founding Snip.it, Ramy spent a couple of years as a Principal at Khosla Ventures, working closely with the legendary investors Vinod Khosla and Pierre Lamond. There, he worked on a number of investments including Square, Groupme (acquired by Skype), and Ness Technologies. After two years in venture, Ramy decided to jump across the fence and founded Snip.It in May 2011.

Ramy holds a bachelor's and master's in Computer Science from Harvard and an MBA from Stanford, where he was an Arjay Miller Scholar. He is the author of a number of patents in VoiceXML application development and the cofounder of the Harvard Arab Alumni Association. He currently sits on the board of directors of of Ness Technologies and Seatme. When not snipping, Ramy tries to keep busy by sailing in the San Francisco bay.