Randall Mays

CEO and Co-managing partner in San Antonio, TX

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Randall Mays is a Harvard-educated businessman. He is now a co-managing partner at the investment firm Mays Family Enterprise, and the CEO of a private entrepreneurial investment outfit, Running M Capital. Neuroscience and consciousness are two areas of particular interest to which Randall Mays has devoted significant personal time and investment. He has developed a funding collaborative, the NeuroElasticity Project, to provide financial backing for innovative research in the fields of neuroplasticity and optimization of brain health. Through Senkalpa, a non-profit, Mays is also involved in identifying opportunities for funding and business partnerships relating to human consciousness.

Randall Mays has held a variety of leadership positions in money management and media investment. He worked at Goldman Sachs and Clear Channel Communications, a Fortune 500 mass media corporation. He was theCEO of Clear Channel Entertainment and devised and orchestrated its growth as the publicly traded company now known as Live Nation Entertainment, the world’s renowned live entertainment platform. He was Chairman of Live Nation until it merged with TicketMaster in 2010; he still serves on the board on the Nominating and Governance Committee, as Chair, and as a member of the Executive Committee.

Randall Mays resides in San Antonio, Texas. He is a father of four children and enjoys traveling, fly fishing, and cooking. He plays pickleball and talks to strangers for fun.

You can see Randall's personal website at https://www.randallmays.com/

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    • Running M Capital
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    • Harvard Business School