Randall Vogt

Randall Vogt started practicing law through his own business in Portland, Oregon, Randall Vogt, P.C. His typical responsibilities include preparing contested cases for trial and trying them in court or negotiating a settlement. Some of Randall Vogt’s accomplishments include working with more than 12 murder trials and more than 100 trials by jury overall. He often represents clients in criminal cases, as well as in the civil lawsuits that later stem from those criminal charges. Presently, Randall Vogt holds memberships to several professional organizations, such as Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, Oregon Trial Lawyers Association, and Multnomah Bar Association. He also volunteers his time to charities such as the Portland Women’s Crisis Line as well as contributes to Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and Oregon Public Broadcasting. With his legal practice, Randall Vogt takes on pro bono cases for people who cannot afford legal services or are involved with the local Sexual Assault Resource Center. Randall Vogt completed his Bachelor of Arts in 1972, attending the University of California, Davis. He then moved on to Willamette University College of Law, where he earned a Juris Doctor. While in school, he worked for the State of Oregon Legislative Counsel Committee. He passed the Oregon Bar Examination upon graduation in 1977. When he is not practicing law, Randall Vogt likes mountain bike, hike, listen to jazz and classical music, and read. Randall Vogt is hoping to complete the whole Oregon Coast Trail in the near future. He is married with two adult sons.