Rand Gauthier

Santa Rosa, CA

An electrician with more than 30 years of experience in his field, Rand Gauthier is the owner of Q Electrical Services, a company which specializes in the wiring of motor controls and speed drive technology. In addition to his endeavors as an entrepreneurial electrician, Rand Gauthier is also a writer and a researcher with the goal of developing polyacrylamide gels for new purposes.

As an electrician, Rand Gauthier is adept in planning and designing electrical layouts using computer-aided design, or CAD. He is skilled in installing conduits; running electrical wiring for power controls, lighting, heating, and cooling units; and testing for the proper performance and safety of an electrical system using electrical test meters and ohmmeters. Gauthier is also practiced in using this equipment to locate short circuits and system breaks that he can then repair or replace as needed.

Rand Gauthier's work with polyacrylamide gels is still ongoing. He experiments with their unique chemistry and studies their ability to move a specialized piston system. He hopes this work will have applications in a new type of prosthetic that will be rechargeable and will allow for a greater range of motion than the prosthetics currently on the market.

Interested in a range of topics, Gauthier is also at work on a book, Balance of Duality. The book investigates the nature of magic and symbolism in religion and is a result of his exploration of various religions and belief systems. Rand Gauthier obtained his education at Valley Junior College, Pierce College, and California State University, Northridge. He studied electrophysics and earned a Bachelor of Science at the latter school.