Randy Blum Consulting Inc

Houston, TX

Located in Houston, Randy Blum Consulting, Inc. offers specialized training for varying levels of management professionals, providing expertise in communication, internal management, and strategy protocol. Randy Blum Consulting, Inc. leads mid-level managers through intense training to ready them for senior management opportunities, as well as provide CEOs with vital management courses.

By identifying strengths within mid-level managers, Randy Blum Consulting, Inc. creates individualized training systems to motivate and develop the organizational and leadership skills necessary to succeed in the corporate setting. The organization is also selective with training opportunities, choosing only those mid-level managers with the ability to advance in a corporation, with a focus on trainers and sales agents.

In addition to mid-level managers, Randy Blum Consulting, Inc. also works closely with CEOs and senior managers to improve their corporate-communication abilities and internal politic-management skills. A member of Business Consulting International, the organization offers long-term coaching arrangements aimed at improving corporate communication with in-house audiences and customers. Through the years, the organization has worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies, coaching high-ranking CEOs and receiving multiple recommendations from CEOs to other companies.

When the organization is not training up-and-coming or current managers, it provides support to the consulting community, as well as newly created organizations focused on providing aid to those in need. The consulting firm has donated generously to those organizations focused on helping homeless families achieve work and attain a solid financial base. They have also supported other organizations such as the International Red Cross and various Catholic charities.

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