Randy Freese

Father, Small Business Owner, and Public Speaker in Guelph, ON, Canada

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A Short Music Industry Biography:
Randy Freese, Managing Director
Freeze Flame Productions Inc

.... On July 4, 2000 Randy Freese left Toronto for the first time since arriving in 1986, bound for Western Canada on his Journey of Self-Discovery. After finishing High school, Randy coincidentally had applied for a music training school called Trebass Institute, who happened to have a campus in Vancouver, BC.

Now out on the road, all by himself, Randy had time to make things happen for himself, and had to do it all alone, after meeting his birth family, in Alberta and Mother in Whitehorse, YT he set his sites on the City of Vancouver. First, attending a meeting that was concluded with his acceptance into Trebass Institute, then to gain some more inspiration and possibly contacts within the industry, Randy began attending concerts and shows. Unfortunately, Randy was unable to secure any funding to attend the schooling, but he was nevertheless determined.

After a couple years on the road, and living in Vancouver, Randy had began to accumulate an new inventory of equipment, and a number of low level contacts in the industry that included a couple local artists as well as some aspiring ones. When 9/11 hit NYC in 2001, Randy was still in Vancouver, BC and although safe and sound, friends and family urged him to return home to Ontario, he did so with hesitation. Upon returning, Randy found himself in a place where he had to completely start over again, .....

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