Ran Poliakine - רן פוליאקין

Tech Entrepreneur in Israel

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Ran Poliakine has been at the cutting edge of technology for the past 25 years, addressing consumer needs with practical and creative solutions while making use of existing and new technologies. Widely considered to be a visionary for his ability to identify and react to trends in the consumer marketplace, Mr. Poliakine has been credited with founding entire product categories, adding modern twists to reinvent outdated technologies and creating new paradigms for enhancing people’s lives across population segments and demographics.

From the safe transfer and commercial viability of wireless energy to innovations in “smart” conductive textiles, washable electronics and new use cases in nanotechnology, the breadth and depth of experience in functionality and design that Mr. Poliakine has brought to bear on his many inventions is astounding.

In 2007, with the introduction of Powermat Technologies (www.powermat.com) , Mr. Poliakine founded the wireless power industry; projected by Global Market Insights to be worth $25.6 Billion by the year 2023. As CEO, Mr. Poliakine led Powermat to become the undisputed leader in the category setting the standard for all wireless charging companies that would follow. His vision, to create a network of venues where consumers could gain access to wireless power in the course of their everyday travails is currently being realized with a national rollout of Powermat charging technology underway in Starbucks stores nationwide.

As Chairman of Wellsense USA (http://themapsystem.com/), another company that Mr. Polikaine founded, he is currently fulfilling another long-held mission: to eradicate the instances of pressure ulcers among non-ambulatory patients and nursing home residents. Utilizing first-of-its-kind ‘smart’ textile technology, the Wellsense’ M.A.P. System takes the guesswork out of repositioning patients to alleviate pressure points and prevent bed sores. The smart textiles that drape the patient’s bed are IOT connected and managed by a cloud based platform for continual holistic monitoring.

The M.A.P. System significantly improves the lives of patients, helps caregivers to make informed decisions and mitigates the costs of treating debilitating bed sores so that hospitals can better allocate resources..

Most recently, Mr. Poliakine co-founded TAP (http://www.tapwithus.com/), a Bluetooth-wearable virtual keyboard that inputs characters on any electronic device by simply tapping your fingers on any surface. TAP was developed

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