Ran Tavory

Yoqneam, Israel

Founder of Yodas - where engineers can follow, learn from & join the best engineering teams in the world. San Francisco.

A father, husband and software geek from Israel.

From bits in the database to bits of PNGs, Ran is a full stack developer with interests ranging from slick and responsive web interfaces, iOS, nosql, web infrastructure, scaling, deployment automation, continuous deployment, programming languages, open source enthusiast (a contributor and creator of several projects).

I'm not uniq | but I grep fast.

Twelve years of software development, twelve years of fun building software to the mass at Microsoft, Google, YouTube, outbrain, Totango and now CTO at Social Studios.

A full stack developer, from javascript and css to database scalability in nosql, author and contributor to high profile open source projects (nosql, deployment tools, iphone), a devops guy, Continuous Deployment is second nature.

A blogger, podcaster and a software craftsman.