Raoul Chong

Results | Ambitious | Out-of-the-Box | Unique | Leadership

I currently work on business development projects for the management team of a large diversified company in Surinam. Additionally I lecture in entrepreneurship development at a business school and am treasurer of Peers Suriname. I have a very broad multicultural background and have lived, worked and studied in various countries which has given me the opportunity to adapt easily to different people and new surroundings.

My key experiences can be summarized in:
> business consulting at Corporate Advisors and Futura
> corporate & financial knowledge at Shell and FinAce
> entrepreneurial and business development in the US, Europe and Africa
> training & coaching at Next Level Partners and IntEnt
> alumnus of the 'Global Village for Future Leaders of Business & Industry'

In my spare time I like to practice sports and more particularly basketball and triathlons, travel the world, and meet new and old friends.