Raphaela Bordoni

Happiness Coach and Certified Facilitator Isha Judd System in Sopó, Cundinamarca, Colombia

Since I can think I was on a journey to find out who I really was and what I'm here to give. April 2015 marked the beginning of an intense Journey inward, of letting myself feel all that which kept me from being really free, of letting it all go and through that encounter my true self. I started to see that my true essence is Love and that what I'm here to give is Love.

So, this is what I'm doing now...giving Love :)

I'm teaching an amazing and simple Meditation and Stress-Release System (The Isha Judd System) that fosters a journey to re-encountering who we truly are and let's us remember that what really matters in this life is what we are being in each moment - are we being the Love, anchored in peace and joy or are we mindlessly trying to constantly get somewhere, to reach a goal, to desperately accomplish something that will make us happy, at least for a little while? What if we could be happy and at peace and in joy all the time, no matter where we are, what we are doing or whether we are accomplishing something? Wouldn't that be what we all are truly looking for?

It's time for all of us to come home to ourselves, to really know who we truly are and to stand in our greatness. To give from a place of abundance and love, to experience joy and peace in each moment and to feel the essence that connects us all, the unconditional love that we all are.

I'd love to accompany you on this beautiful and life changing journey!

**I'm offering my sessions in ENGLISH, GERMAN, SWISS-GERMAN and SPANISH.

  • Education
    • Fundación Isha Educando para la Paz
    • The London International School of Performing Arts
    • University of Bern