Raquel Pavón Barreales

Digital analyst and Data analytics in Barcelona, España

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I am a self-learner person, independent and proactive, looking for solutions, I am creative because I like defining new concept to develop new business opportunities. I have capacity for innovation and ability to change, I adapt easily to new situations and other cultures

My passion for extreme sports began at a very young age; I have been practicing skiing since childhood . I enjoy travelling and experiencing different cultures very much. I have been in Norway where I worked as an “au pair” and integrated very well for six months.

Nowadays I have a broader view on retail, these days we are more focused on big data, so that we can be aware of where our customers are and optimize the purchasing process for them, generate experiences for buyers in multiple channels, the omnichannel is a reality as well as showrooms, click & collect, ROPO, pop-ups, etc. The retailers need online and offline marketing to complement each other, and generate experiences in multiple channels with different KPIs to connect both worlds. My education and experience help to join the two channels together to exceed the expectations of customers.

  • Work
    • Digital Analyst at Fluidra
  • Education
    • Mobile Marketing , ISDI (internetAcademi)
    • Autonomous University of Barcelona