Rasmus Stride


I am built on real life experiences. No fake case studies and no dummy briefs. All real life, real people and real learnings. From starting a indie festival in the rural area of Denmark, tackling high-end creative briefs from low-profile clients to facilitating innovation workshops at the fastest growing eCommerce company in Europe.

I grow from using my tactile talents and creating immersive visual experiences with artists from all over the world. I am born with two different eye-colours. I sometimes think this is the source for my rich perspectives and innovative ideas.

I am an intervention specialist with experience in establishing class A creative teams and building safe spaces. My speciality is enabling and executing successful talent-merging through interdisciplinary facilitation processes to achieve the best possible outcome, and supreme learning output. I'm comfortable in complexity and utilising change processes.

"Experienced failer and an expert celebrator"

+ 45 23 45 38 64 - rasmus.stride@hyperisland.se - @rasmusostride


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