Rathana Ung

Humanitarian Volunteer in Cambodia

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A longtime community service advocate, Rathana Ung has conducted extensive volunteer work in Cambodia. During her time in the Southeast Asian nation, she helped build more than 400 homes for people living in poverty. She also aided in the construction of wells and water delivery systems as well as libraries and schools for local villages. In addition to delivering food and clothing to Cambodians in remote locations, Rathana Ung donated books and school supplies to students.

Outside of her volunteer work, Ms. Ung stays healthy via yoga and pilates. She particularly enjoys the mental and emotional benefits of yoga, which helps her stay centered and relaxed. She also likes to knit items such as socks, caps, blankets, and throws.

An avid cooking enthusiast, Rathana Ung prepares a wide variety of American and Asian dishes. She specifically enjoys cooking during Thanksgiving, preparing everything from the turkey to mashed potatoes and candied yams. During her travels to Europe and Southeast Asia, she takes advantage of any opportunity to sample local cuisine.