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Hi there. I'm Becky, and I've been a teacher since 2008. After teaching English for most of my career so far, I'm making the switch to Drama. I directed my first school play last year, and loved it. I'm incredibly lucky to have found the perfect school for me, where I can be the happy, creative teacher I've always wanted to be.

I've had a difficult relationship with my teaching career; finding your way in underfunded state schools driven mad by fear of Ofsted is certainly character building (at least that's the polite way of putting it). I'm interested in issues to do with teacher work/life balance as well as the happiness and well-being of students. Target-setting culture has a lot to answer for in education. So many schools are run like exam factories, with no sense of joy in learning for learning's sake.

I've studied Creative Writing at undergrad and postgrad level; I'm lucky to be a part of a lovely community of supportive writers, and one day I'll crack on with that novel I've wanted to finish since I was ten years old. I love stories. I love words. It's the tenacity to write something of novel length that I really struggle with - but it's fun making mistakes along the way. In school holidays, you might find me in the library or a nook of a cafe, staring at my laptop, typing away at another draft chapter.

In 2014 I married a fellow literature geek and our house is overflowing with books. We like it that way.

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