Karthikeyan K

Quality Analyst in T Nagar, India

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Working as a Quality Analyst at Sutherland Global Services. Microsoft evangelist & Microsoft Student Partner 2015. Techie/Geek, Blogger, active Facebooker, Tweep, Redditor and YouTuber. Connoisseur of Music & Imaging. Aficionado of Bikes & Mobile/PC Technology.

Computer Science Engineering from SAACE. Listener & appreciator of good Music/Podcast. Motorbike lover & biker. Mildly interested in making Web Development, Photography and Racing as stuff I also do frequently apart from the night job.

Shy & reserved introvert until a need arises to open up, an INFP basically. Sometimes I act as an ISFP too, but that is once in a blue moon. Born & brought up in Chennai, knows English & Tamil fluently, has the ability to understand Hindi & French to an extent.

Currently using a Black Nokia Lumia 830 along with Nokia DT-901 with Vodafone. Custom build PC/Workstation (PC Master Race :) ). Fitbit Charge HR. Hero Hunk DD.

knowledgeable with HTML5, PHP, SEO, WordPress, Joomla and so many other stuff. Have experience as a Blogger and as an YouTuber.

Procrastinator at times. Black, Red & Blue are my pick when it comes to colors. Vegetarian, except for eggs. Love winter as much as I hate summer. A Photographer & Singer when there's ample time and no one around to make fun of what I do. I stick with the truth, no sugar coating the words! Movie fanatic and not to mention that I'm worried that I might have joined the Forever Alone army!

Power user who also does tech support during leisure. Developers in a need of early adopters or alpha/beta testers can ping me.

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