Ratul Nandi

Web Developer, Software Engineer, and Architect in Gurugram, India

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Hi, I am Ratul Nandi, living in Gurgaon, INDIA. I am a passionate tech-enthusiast and a front-end web developer-n-designer by profession and love to create awesome web and apps! I follow technology and web world closely, and is passionate about writing and reviewing the latest and greatest from this world.

Started innowrx! in an endeavor to keep you updated with news and information that you can use. I also have a YouTube Channel where I review some gadgets whenever I get something new. I am also an avid Web Developer and Designer, who loves to create awesome web and apps, and is learning continuously.

I love to follow tech websites like TechnoBuffalo, Engadget, BGR, TheVerge, TNW, TechCrunch, ThinkDigit to name a few. I am a big fan of YouTube and Twitter; they are a huge source of information, and I feel they keep you connected to the whole world.

Dream! — I am also a travel-enthusiast who loves travelling places in a hope to experience the culture and how people live, and to get a chance to live life like them. I am a big fan of travel shows though, to make up until then.

Music is a lifeline. I like to read biographies of the world's greatest, for inspiration and how to be a better person. There's more, but some things are best kept very close to heart.


Online Shopping Coupons & Deals - http://www.shopickr.com

Handmade Cards Online - http://www.quillingtreasures.com

MobileCasesNCovers: http://www.mobilecasesncovers.in

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  • Work
    • Front-end Web Developer at CEB
  • Education
    • Bachelor in Computer Science & Engineering