kimberly tucker

Software Engineer, Artist, and Writer in the United States

kimberly tucker

Software Engineer, Artist, and Writer in the United States

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In 2006 I was accepted into "The Ct. Autism Pilot Program." I was appointed an advocate named Barb and we became friends over time. We went to places together, like museums and on job interviews. Through her connections I got two paying jobs painting murals. She brought me to social skills meetings for over a year.

My connection to Keri Bowers: (An author, filmmaker, mother ... who made the film ARTS, of which I was a small part.)

As of this writing, I have shown in the Lee Good Purpose Gallery in Massachusetts and many others. I'm soon moving to a national level. I have an upcoming article in ARTLA. Alison once asked me , "Do you have any special skills?"

I told her I'd been published in many small journals since 1999 and that I dabbled in painting. When she saw the dusty canvases I pulled out of my closet, her eyes got big and she had the brilliant idea I should pursue arts. At first I thought, "What's all the hubbub?" But I have been showing my work ever since. I'm a work in progress. Isn't everyone? (rhetorical)

I ghostwrote a book for a burn survivor in California called Reborn Through Fire. For three years I was mentored in woodcarving skills by a memorable Hungarian man, a true talent who told me unforgettable stories. I learned to cut glass, carve and acquired numerous life antecdotes.

The process of acquiring an agent and publishing my book "Under The Banana Moon" was an exciting journey. I hope you will look for it on Amazon.

Right now, I'm working closely with Judy Rosenfield of King's Speech Learning Center on a children's book called "Is Your Filter Off Kilter?" She is my former speech pathologist and also my friend. I have lifelong selective mutism in addition to Aspergers. Judy actually changed the name of her center (which treats children with developmental differences like mine) to King's Speech after hearing how moved I was by the movie "The King's Speech."

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