Rav Holly


Update: 12-4-12 - Rav has now moved into the Music Video Directors chair after making his debut directing Olivia Newton-John, and John Travolta's new music video. * I Think You Might Like It* from their new 2012 Christmas CD entitled (This Christmas)

Ravs Studio's - Ravish Studios was also repsonsible for the video production for the EPK, and B-Roll, that was including for media outlets such as Entertainment Tonight, and Access Hollywood. Rav's Team worked closely with UMe/Universal to make sure all specs were correct for world wide media distribution. This included all Photography for CD.

Rav Holly, is one of Southern California's most creative cutting edge photographer's. Rav, relocated from Dallas, Texas the beginning of 2007, where he had establised himself as one of the elite top profiled photographers in the Dallas Market.

Now based in the greater Los Angeles Metro area, and his Studio, RAVISH STUDIO'S is located in the heart of the East Village Arts District in downtown Long Beach, California. Located in an downtown urban environment, walking distance to the beach. His studio offers his clients the opportunity to get a whole gammet of looks, just by booking and shooting for one day.
Rav began his artistic path many years ago, when he picked up his first SLR camera. An old Pentex full manual 35mm K-1000. It has been a passion ever since. With a new day dawning in the late 90's, Rav was one of the first main stream photographers to make the digital leap, moving from his film cameras to the newely announced Digital SLR the Kodak DCS-315. This was before Nikon, or Canon either one made a digital SLR body for professional photographers. Once Nikon released it's first DSLR based on their Nikon F5 35mm Film Body. Rav, jumped on board and has been shooting Nikon DSLR's ever since.
Today, Rav's unique approach has been recognized and can be seen in various forms of photography, from glamour to cutting edge fashion. Rav has worked for many high profiled clients and has worked and shot photos on the sets of ABC and CBS since moving to California. He has worked with many celebrities and has shot some of the top Mixed Martial Arts stars today, working exclusivley for clients like MMAagents out of Huntington Beach, California.
Rav has traveled the world for clients since starting in Professionally 1999.