Ravi Chermala

Yoga Instructor and Astrology Consultant in United States

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Ravi Chermala is a creative individual who is passionate about yoga, music, astrology and collecting jewelry. Embracing a sense of mindfulness, Chermala integrates meditation and artistic expression into his life every single day.As a Yoga Instructor, he enjoys spreading positivity by teaching other people how to incorporate these practices into their own lives.

Ravi Chermala is a Yoga Instructor who specializes in power yoga. A full-body workout from head to toe, the focus on flow in this style of yoga encourages overall strength. Chermala embraces the concept of “full-body” in a unique way. A particularly spiritual individual, he believes that yoga is as much of a mental experience as it is physical. By adopting this practice into your daily routine, you not only exercise the physical body, but the mind and spirit as well. Outside of his Yoga Instruction, Chermala enjoys creating art, both alone and in groups. He is best known for his unique style of rap: atmospheric instrumentals accompanied by a hip hop and R&B flow. Chermala is also available for astrology readings and consulting services; all readings are performed in-person following yoga instruction classes.