Ravi Somani

802,Bhikaji Kama Bhawan,New Delhi

Ravi Somani, Ex-Promoter of Utsav Safety, Mg Director of Utsav Exim.
Ravi Somani Is Commerce Graduate from Delhi University, comes from a well settled business family having business interest in Timber & Plywood, Automobile spares and started his own Export Business in year 1988.

Ravi Somani is a serious coin collector and Ravi Somani only collect the Indian Coin from year 1835 onwards which is the period when uniform coinage was introduced in India by British Empire.
Basically there is no fixed pattern or rule or guidance rule for those whose hobby is coin collecting. To some people the approach is casual while others are more serious. There are national collectors of coins and others who are interested historically. Some collectors only look around for coins that have an error – which may turn out to be of priceless value after some time.

Ravi Somani Different Strokes (a non-profit NGO), aim to achieve excellence in all fields of child development. We are looking to support children with special and economic needs. We firmly believe that a child´s ability to learn and contribute to the society should not be limited by his birth conditions.

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