Ravindar Gujral

I am a successful software development executive with a strong technical background. I have helped organizations, teams and individual programmers learn high productivity techniques for delivering software. I incorporate the values, principles and practices of agile and lean software development in both my work and the advice I give. I have improved and simplified processes used for large complex software projects by acting as a change agent and creating high performing teams with healthy dynamics.

I also work as an agile coach, facilitator, and community leader of Agile Philly.

My primary focus is to be an effective change agent so that my clients get the most form my engagement. Having worked at various organizations from startup's to large multinationals I understand what works for each environment.


After getting a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering and receiving an M.S. in Software Engineering and Computer Science from Drexel University, I have continued my lifelong commitment to learning by reading about software teams and by organizing and facilitating discussions amongst local practitioners. To get community feedback on my ideas, I present regularly at conferences, including: Agile 2011, XP 2010-2011, Agile Tour 2008-2010, and many local user groups.