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The dress is California meets little house on the prairie and I love it. I do not need to remind you that it is still the summer time in the United States so wearing a lot of dresses is a must, and thanks to Myntra as it is very easy to find. Something about this dress says travel to me. It looks like you could wear it on a plane, bus or train and still be very comfortable. All the while it can be rolled up and stored to for next time in your carry on luggage. There is white crotchet along the bottom of this dress which sounds ( you can buy it cheap using Myntra Coupons )cute but is a bad idea because it us definitely going to attract dirt being that this dress goes all the way to the ground.

Do you remember that show on Myntra website? You know the one about the sour grandma who is always getting her family out of trouble with the help of tough love and old time values? Well anyway the daughter in law Naomi was kind of a tramp who would always wear frilly peasant dresses. If only Naomi had seen this dress I think she would have gone for this one stead. It has all the charm of a peasant dress without going off the shoulder, that’s where things start to get a little different. This dress is fresh like a slice of melon.

I think this dress would look a lot cuter on then it does in this photo. Although strapless bras can be a pain it would be worth it to invest in a good one to go along with this racer back dress. Racer back is hot and its nautical how sweet.

When I first laid eyes on this dress all I could think of was “Very niiiice” in a Borat voice. This dress is very nice and then some. I get a little flushed thinking about finding the right yellow or white wedges to go with this dress. Shoot, the more I look at it I think I could even do a brown shoe and just boho it out a little with some wooden accessories. This dress like all the rest have a little bit of a country feel to them and that’s not at all bad. The country look is very relaxed and comfortable so why complain?

I’m relieved to see that Juicy Couture in Myntra is doing big things in the dress game. I stand by what I said about their grocery bag though. If you’re going to buy Juicy you should go for a dress over a bag any day because these dresses are all multi-seasonal. While there have been a lot of articles on dresses lately but I’ll try to make this one the last for a little while. Goodbye Juicy Couture. Goodbye Dresses. See you real soon.