Ray Cronise

Ray is a passionate innovator. Serving in a number of capacities that range from a creative sales, marketing, and multimedia production to academic research and development, he has a drive and talent to be both technically and artistically creative.

Ray studied chemistry in undergraduate and graduate school and began his career as a Material Scientist at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. During his 15 years at NASA, he worked on a microgravity material science/biophysics, physical & analytical chemistry, and space station environmental control an life support systems. Ray co-founded Zero Gravity Corporation with Peter Diamandis and Byron Lichtenberg - creating the world's first private parabolic flight operation.

Today, he is changing the way the medical community views the human body's nutritional and caloric energy balance by driving unprecedented weight loss through basic thermodynamic principles. His passion for metabolism and nutrition research is alive as well through regular contributions to hypothermics.com and he was an invited speaker at TEDMED2010. Ray's work on thermodynamically driven weight loss is featured in Wired Magazine, ABC Nightline, The Atlantic and 4-Hour Body by Best Selling Author, Tim Ferriss.