Ray Cronise

Scientist/Author in Huntsville, Alabama

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Little known fact: we published the spiders on drugs work at NASA in the 90s.

I like to disrupt and innovate. I love all things creative: sales, marketing, multimedia production, academic research and cooking. I like to break things and make them better.

I studied chemistry and worked for 15 years as a Material Scientist at NASA in microgravity, biophysics, and physical & analytical chemistry. I love commercial space and co-founded Zero-G with Peter Diamandis and Byron Lichtenberg.

My passion for metabolism and nutrition research is alive through contributions to hypothermics.com and a lifestyle transformation startup, Just Sides, Inc. This work has been featured in TEDMED 2010, Wired Magazine, ABC Nightline,The Atlantic,The Daily Beast, and 4-Hour Body. I helped Penn Jillette lose 100 lbs as detailed in his book, Presto!

Recent journal articles include: Metabolic Winter Hypothesis (2014), Oxidative Priority (2017), and Plant-Based Nutrition(2017) or see other past publications on google scholar.

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