Ray Harding

Ray Harding, mediator, has always stressed the importance of experience when entering into any proceeding that results in an outcome that can be legally enforced. Mediation sessions, along with arbitration sessions as well, can become overly and unnecessarily contentious if the mediator or arbitrator is not experienced in the process.

Of course, there are also instances in which contention cannot be avoided. There are times when the issues between parties have caused each party a great deal of stress, and this stress often comes out during these sessions. An experienced mediator will understand how to handle a broad variety of situations that can arise through the mediation process.

Former Judge Ray Harding believes that this experience should not only come from mediation proceedings, but from other legal proceedings as well. When a mediator has been inside the courtroom as a lawyer or as a judge, their knowledge and experience can be put to use to inform the opposing parties what may result if the dispute cannot be settled through mediation.

Harding himself offers mediation and arbitration services through his firm, Ray Harding Mediation Utah. Harding has overseen a number of successful mediation proceedings, helping disputing parties settle their differences in a way that is amicable to both parties.

Though there are a number of considerations that should be made when selecting a mediator or an arbitrator, one of the most important aspects is the experience that the mediator or arbitrator has. That experience should come from a variety of legal proceedings, as these types of experiences may be the most beneficial for parties who are looking to arrive at an amicable solution to a potentially contentious dispute.