Raymond Stone

healthcare entrepreneur, Investor, and Philantrophist in Toronto, Canada

Raymond Stone is a healthcare entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist with a passion for photography and wildlife conservation.

After beginning his career in commercial finance, Raymond founded Futuremed Health Care Products, a leader in consumable nursing home supplies and specialized furniture and equipment for long-term care facilities.

Raymond led the company for 30 years as President & CEO. He managed the company’s growth from a start-up to IPO and national distribution footprint, then oversaw the company’s acquisition by Cardinal Health, one of the most recognizable leaders in the global health care industry.

Raymond now works as a consultant, leveraging his quarter-century of experience to help healthcare providers as they grow in the Canadian market.

Raymond is also a dedicated philanthropist focused on endeavours that reflect his personal passions for the environment and wildlife. He currently serves as a director of the board with the Big Life Foundation, where he works closely with a dedicated global team using innovative conservation strategies to protect and sustain East Africa’s wildlife, including one of the greatest populations of elephants remaining in the region.

Raymond spent his childhood in South Africa, where he discovered his love of wildlife during countless visits to Kruger National Park. He later immigrated to Toronto, Canada.

Throughout his time in Canada, he has returned to Africa at every opportunity. His passion for preservation expands with every new threat to the continent’s wildlife.