Raymond J. Pirrello Jr.

Public Relations Specialist at Green life farms and Public Relations at Earth to Energy in Montclair, New Jersey

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Within the ever-evolving arena of global change-makers, Raymond J. Pirrello Jr. emerges as a beacon of audacity, tenacity, and transformative visions.

The realm of finance, renowned for its intricate challenges, witnessed him sculpting a niche with unmatched insight. His illustrious career, spanning over twenty-eight years, encapsulates an odyssey of groundbreaking achievements. It was in 2015 that he architected Prior2IPO, swiftly elevating it as an elite in the realm of pre-IPO networking. Yet, the horizon of his aspirations knew no bounds, and by 2020, his enthusiasm was directed toward the expansive vision of Greenlife Farms.

His entrepreneurial odyssey is not limited to a singular domain. His vigorous advocacy for hydroponic farming ushered Greenlife Farms in Florida into the limelight. From its foundational days to masterfully overseeing its public relations, his endeavors epitomize adaptability and vision. The creation of the Valeo Family of companies further engraves his indomitable entrepreneurial spirit.

With the environment at the crossroads, Pirrello Jr. sensed an urgent calling. His initiative in erecting a monumental 100-million-dollar clean energy fund in the Northeast, complemented by the technological marvel of the 75 MW Burgess BioPower plant, underlines his commitment to a sustainable trajectory.