Rayna Stamboliyska

Innovative data-driven strategist in Paris, France

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As a professional with multidisciplinary expertise, my goal is to enable strategic development of key players in both the private and public sector, architect and drive their (open) innovation and expand activities in EMEA.

Creative and analytical data-driven strategist, I conduct risk and crisis management assessments using OSINT on a daily basis. I speak different languages and consult for international organisations, businesses, media and nonprofits. Besides, I frequently work in conflict and post-conflict zones in MENA, Eastern Europe and Africa. I am the founder at the first-ever action research and service consultancy around open knowledge in the MENA region.

I founded and have been the editor-in-chief of the only French-speaking humanly curated media resource about all things data, Désidédata (previously Data Colada). Last but never the least, I am a data visualisation fan and author of the book, "Data visualisation with D3.js".

Between May and October 2016, I was the Director for Digital Strategy and Development at Bity SA, a disruptive fintech Swiss startup around cryptocurrencies. In October 2016, I embarked on the exciting journey of demystifying the 'dark stuff on the internetz', published with Larousse-Hachette as of 30 May 2017.

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