Writer in Earth, Texas


Writer in Earth, Texas

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Ray Ronan is author and airline pilot. His first book was co-written with International Bestseller, GLENN MEADE. The book, Seconds To Disaster was backed by CHESLEY SULLY SULLENBERGER, who is portrayed by TOM HANKS in the movie about the 'Miracle On The Hudson', still in filming.

His thriller, BOMBAY BLOOD, is a medical legal thriller, MOLDING MEN is an historical thriller set in WWII Dresden Germany, while SUB C, is a paranormal thriller set in Boston.

He is currently working on a follow up to SUB C and scripts for Scriptease Television, Writers Uncovered, where he is Executive Producer.

He lives in Dublin with his two young sons.


'Ray Ronan, a new name in thrillers,' - GLENN MEADE

'Anyone who flies, who loves someone who flies... should read this.' - CHESLEY 'SULLY' SULLENBERGER

'Yet again, he has done phenomenal research into his subject matter and weaves a spellbinding tale of suspense that will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat.' - PAUL BROOKS

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